Leadership Team

We believe in a plurality of Elders as the primary leadership for the local church.  Currently, we have an elected team of three Elders who share the leadership responsibilities.  We also believe in the importance of training and equipping others to serve the church in teaching.  This is why many of the men in our congregation regularly preach as part of the rotation.  For these reasons, we do not have a paid vocational pastor.


Stephen Sandstrom

Stephen Sandstrom came to faith his freshman year of college through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.  There he began ministering through evangelism, outreach and discipleship.  After serving in campus ministry, Stephen went on to Boyce Bible College where he earned a B.S. in Biblical Studies.

In 2005, Stephen was married to his wife Sarah.  They have three children, Kieran, Abigail, and Aidan.  Stephen enjoys hunting elk and waterfowl, and taking the family fishing and camping.

In October, 2013 Stephen began serving as pastor at Life Song Church.  In 2017, he resigned from his vocational position to return to the workforce in order to gain evangelistic opportunities.  He has remained on the elder team.


Larry Van Eenwyk

Larry Van Eenwyk was completely transformed at the age of twenty when Christ invaded his life.  It wasn’t long after that God placed an increasingly strong burden on his heart to reach those who have never heard of Jesus.  

He met Sharon at a Bible Study in 1981, and they were married in 1982.  They then went to Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he studied Bible and Mission, and after graduating with a B.S., he went on to study language, culture and history at Indiana University.  This set their course to focus on unreached people groups, and ultimately serve in China for twenty-five years.  

They returned from China the summer of 2012, but continue to play an active role in the indigenous team that strives to reach those who have never heard of Christ. Larry began serving as elder at Life Song early in 2016.


Delchi Fafach

Delchi understood the message of the Cross with great conviction in 1997 when he put his faith in Christ for forgiveness of his sins. He is convinced that the gospel is the power of God for salvation to anyone who believes.  Delchi has a great passion for God’s word. He and his beloved wife Krista are devoted to serving the Lord Jesus together as they raise their seven boisterous children.

Delchi began serving as elder at Life Song early in 2018.